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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

But which one?

bwana spoons

I found this old photo of a set up for one of my 3 3/4 Star Wars still life paintings.

I found this old photo of a set up for one of my 3 3/4 Star Wars still life paintings.

Last friday, after sitting on this stack of images for a good 7-8 years I released the first in my series of 3 3/4 vintage Star Wars action figure paintings. These are all based off the original Kenner figures from 78-84 (85?). I loved these little beasts, and still do. U sed to carry Snaggletooth hanging out of my front pants pocket, right out of those bell bottomed cords:)

Mostly 2009 - 2011 I did over 120 little, and a few big, paintings of this whole figure series. Deciding which one to do first was somehow a total no brainer. Deciding which piece to do second, for this Friday’s release suddenly became very difficult. Some pieces are very literal translations, some are very abstract. Some of the figures human faces are so weird and “off” that i remember struggling to make my artpiece still shine. Some pieces are literally just the butt of the figure, and are some of my favs, some look like i was having a bad day while I was painting, and some look just ridiculous.

What was so hard about picking the second piece? Well what if this ended before i got to do some of my most favorite ones. What if I just picked all my favs at the beginning, and didn’t leave any fireworks for the end? So I decided to kick week two off with a blast. Rocket firing Bobafett. Who doesn’t love boba? I love him, AND I still get to leave regular Bobafett for sometime down the road.

sw still rocktfireboba webz.jpg

Now. What will week 3 be? should I do another baller piece? Or a cluster of Lukes. There are so many Lukes. Snaggletooth is my favorite figure, but not my favorite painting, the greedo painting is fine, but not fantastic. Should i just make a new greedo painting? Shouldn’t a Greedo painting be 100% magic? Where is the cantina playset painting? I can’t find the image for that one.

No matter how i roll this out. i think the end result will be one hell of a print series. I’m looking forward to seeing how this all unfolds:)