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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Cyborg Hooligan SOB-04-BX-TYPE

bwana spoons

Work in Progress shot

Work in Progress shot

“What? This wing thing? Maybe it will make a bat, and fly out of my chest?” Cyborg Hooligan

Lonny is at it again. He’s built a new army of Cyborg Stardust, and he’s putting Private Hooligan in charge.

“Private Hooligan. Go out there and find us some new dice. I want 66 sided one, to feed to the Turtles, making them more loyal to us. Take your Hooligan’s Zeroes out there and start hunting” Lonny, biting his words on his seaweed mouth flaps, proclaimed.

Cyborg Hooligan. SOB-04-BX-TYPE

Friday june 30th. 10 hundred hours. Pacific Time.

Cyborg Hooligan. Burnt Charcoal Sparkle, silver, copper, and varies sprays and handpaint on black vinyl body. Comes with a pet Stankor. these guys are packaged together in a handmade box made just for this release. Box and figure are signed and numbered edition of 13.