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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Cyborg Stardust Coloring Contest

bwana spoons

Hey there boys and girls from age 1 - 99 and up. Ready to have some fun? It's the Cyborg Stardust Coloring Contest.

Dem Rules. They soooo simple.

1. Print this page out and color it, or just digicolor this action.

2. Have hella fun, but since it's all ages, please do not have some gnarly genetalia flapping all about.

3. Complete and post your colorized version of Cyborg Stardust on or before October 31st. One lucky rat will win the original colored drawing of cyborg Stardust by yours truly, Bwana Spoons. Tag your post wherever it may be with #cyborgstardust #sunsofbrodarr and #gravytoys or any one of those:)

4. The fine print. I want slash need at least 20 completed entries or no prize. If there is a big fat load of entries, well then I will add some more awesome prizes. So share this with your friends, and color that action.

here's a nice big version to print out