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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Double Wammy!

bwana spoons

Getting warmed up for a Reelly exciting week.

Getting warmed up for a Reelly exciting week.

Took this pic last evening. yesterday it finally rained, at least a little. And my spirits were high as I thought about all the excitement coming up this week.

Where to start. Well, first let's start with THANK YOU. We sold 30 Mystery Boxes. The Mystery Box was a fluke. I'll explain more below. I wasn't sure how these would do. But these went beyond my expectations. this means that close to 30 people (a few people ordered two) are getting some grade A tees that have been just sitting in storage for a long while. And close to 30 people just got a smoking package deal. I can't wait to go through toys today and sneek in some customs and other goodies for these boxes. Let's do this again next year same time.

Now this week. It's a double wammy for sure. Don't they say No Wammies". Friday at 10am I'll be having a PK painted run release into the wild. We will do this by lotto, as any good sensed PK release should be. to put your name in the hat sign up here in the comments section of this thread. there will be a painted Ree run, painted Quatroid Run, a one off Goboking, and one original painting "Bloodbath". you can put your name in for everything. But preference will be given to those that haven't been picked yet. I'll start with the custom Goboking, and then do the Rees, and then Quatroids.

I don't have a real price list yet. But here's an estimate for what your into. Ree will probably be $200, PK asked that I do a full kit, mushroom, spacesuit, and oriGINal, so it's a LOT of parts. Goboking one off will probably be $360 - $500, and Quatroids will be $36 - $40. Hope this helps.

At 10am friday I'll have all the names in the Randall mug and start drawing. Goodluck and haves funs.

Ok. next point of interest. Open Studio Yeah! 3-8pm this isn't at the brick and mortar shop downtown. This will be held at my real studio here in SE Portland. More detailed post about this tomorrow.

and lastly. kickstarted gets bumped again. I'm shooting for next friday. The real reason we are having a double wammy this week, the mystery boxes earlier, and have to bump the kickstarter. I overdid summer, and busted up my back pretty good. Old man Spoons. A week out from the initial backlightning and I am still struggling, but each day gets better. My range of movement gets better, and I am moving just a little quicker. Barf. i hate even talking about that kind of stuff. I am feeling very grateful that I can move again, and so excited for this week.