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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Earth Savage Ronda

bwana spoons

Earth Savage Ronda.

I’ve had this idea rolling around my head for a few years, this image of barbaric dudes that live on Earth.


The Suns of Brodarr have been trying for ages to make it to Earth so they could eat it’s delicious melty core, a delicacy on Brodarr.

When they do make it to earth, the dudes end up mostly just doing the same thing they like to do on space, getting loaded and partying, and wrecking shit all around them left and right.

The Earth Savages are just a wee bit irked about all this.


Now we get to meet the first lady created for this line, Earth Savage Ronda. She enjoys tearing off Jeff’s ears with her barehands, lopping heads with her bonesword, and long walks on the beach.


I’ve been working on the sculpt, and she’s near-isa complete. After these pics, I redid her strap, and fixed a mega crack on her chest. I used a big solid hunk of old clay for her torso, and it keeps cracking overtime i bake her. lots of finish work to do on her… but getting pretty close.