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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs


bwana spoons

We Call him Fishmist, but that’s not really his name. This is the latest Suns Of Brodarr collab project in the works.

I was immediately taken by Andrew’s inkings.

I read ApocalyptiGirl cover to cover one day at Floating World…and then came Head Lopper. Holy hell that’s a good book.

So I gave Andrew a holler, really a shot in the dark, and he was excited to play.

Here’s a good WIP of the sculpt by Beth Graves, which, with his fishsword will use a Lonny type body. Purty flipping stoked!

FINSTACHE is the bastard sibling of the Brodarr brothers. Mama Queen hooked up with a Magma Serpent in secret and the resulting child, FINSTACHE was immediately thrown into the Lava. Unbeknownst to the queen, little FINSTACHE survived the creamy lava flows, gained strength from it and spent his years honing the blade on his left hand... thirsty for revenge.