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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Friday's release is a Random Roll!

bwana spoons

Cyborg Stardust.

Invisible Army clear with blue magic and hidden skull soul.

Lonny has done it again. He has put together a new batch of Cyborg Stardust in his lab inside the starship Cybil Shepard.

These beasts are sold via Random Roll. Friday 10am pacific on


What do you mean “Random Roll”.

If you know me and my Suns Of Brodarr, you know we all love dice and games.

I came up with an intelligent idea using some of my brain.

There are 7 different figures, and I have a 10 sided die (0-9).

Each figure is assigned a number 1-7.

After each each order I will roll the die to decide which figure you will get.

If your picking up multiples, after each figure roll, I will eliminate that number from the possibilities. So unlike a blind bag, with this random roll you are guaranteed not to get a bucket of the same figure.

Here are the numbers assigned to each figure.

1 Jeff, 2 Kamisama, 3 Garak, 4 Lonny, 5 Aqualox, 6 Private Hooligan, 7 Paulo The Moonlight Kreeper, 8 little prize and then roll again, 9, and 0 are both designated as roll overs.

Example. You have ordered three figures. On the first roll, it comes up 6. Your first figure is a Hooligan. Roll again, and it comes up 8. You win a little prize, and roll again. It comes up 2. Your second figure is a Kamisama. One more roll left, first it comes up 6, but you already have a hooligan, so I roll again and it comes up 1. So your third figure is a Jeff.

Makes sense? :)

I can’t guarantee your order by christmas, but we will be shipping all the weekend orders out early Monday via priority mail in the states. So it seems at least likely.

Stay tuned for Skulls And RainBones Society to reopen on December 26th. With the Protection From Evil, Lonny tee and figure.