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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs


bwana spoons

Super good news pile here on Gravy.

First let's start with the 2.0 re-up of the old massage bored. It's back up! If you were a member before your old user name ect. is all still there. If not, sign up and say hi. It's right here at good Good gravy was (as the grass hut massage bored) and will be a place to talk about and find info on your favorite toys and artists, and unlike FB groups easier to re-find when you want. Butanohana nerds this is the place to restart your wants for new releases list. Gravy nerds, great place to ask questions, and get info for past releases, news about new releases.

Next. My Skullbrain X release. Not sure if this is up for grabs now or not yet. But head over to Skullbrain if you want to get in on this. Painted Lonny on milky pink vinyl.

Over the weekend I received news that the new Gravy Toys Biskup vinyl is finishing up all the wax bits, so we should see a testshot or two in the next 2-3 weeks. I call him Peanut. His real birth Tim given name though, is Prenute. pronounced PREH- NOOT. This sexy little vinyl to be will have two firsts. Prenute will be Gravy Toys very first non-bwana toy. Meaning it's not a collab. This vinyl piece is wholly created by Tim Biskup. This is also his first toy, in.... 7 years? What do you think? Let me know on the Good gravy Forum. 

We are going to be celebrating the release of TB's new friend into this world with some treasures from the archives up on so keep your eyeballs peeled for some fun bits in the shop over the next couple of weeks here.

Next. Neon Pink Killer! I'll be releasing a painted version out into the wild this Friday. The pink is shockingly bright, and I am so excited that I get to paint these and get them into your hands.

Cyborg Stardust pre-order from way way back. These are finally coming. I should have them in my hands within the next week. Took quite a while to get the marbled bits done, but these are finally on their way. if you ordered one. Yo are Aces, after I get these together I will start getting shipments out. If you didn't get one talk to your local awesomer. Super 7, Rotofugi, Toy Tokyo, Angel Abby, and Rampage Toys. I may have a few as well here on Gravy Toys, but first I need to make sure the shops and personal orders all get theirs. FUN!