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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Hugest ThrashOut show and Superfest 71 in Tokyo

bwana spoons

Saturday April 23rd Gargamel and I will have a show at Hugest in Tokyo. I will have several new customs and original art at Hugest. I made new fully loaded sticker packs, new bandana, print, and totes. Hugest is also producing a shirt with my arts. Take of Huge Blocks and I are both basketball fans, so it's time for us to have some fun.

Customs include a wide splay of Gargamel and gravy variety:)

Superfestival 71 Sunday April 24th I'll have a host of other goodies up for grabs. Black Glow Cyborg stardust, glow micro killers, crabora, stankor, maybe trans neon pink blanks of the three newest additions to the family. I will be sharing tables with Cometdebris, Astrozombies, Takeshit, Pop Soda, and maybe Shirahama. 

Double bonus points, at the Rampage table there's a pretty decent chance there will be the newest newest Suns of Brodarr collab. a cobranded release of Rampage's Dino, and my new Morel Black!