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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

I've missed you Globby

bwana spoons


It’s been at least 3 years if not 4 or maybe more since we have seen a “Biggie” size Globby released into the wild. 

Last week I received two boxes of magic on my doorstep.

This Friday, June 17th at 10am pacific, I will be releasing a batch of blank glow Globby here on Gravy Toys. Aaaand I may paint some too. I might not be able to help myself.

Since i was a little kid I have been designing characters that live in worlds big and small.

The Birth of Globby came during a group of characters I designed way back when Super 7 was a magazine. I was doing little articles about Micronauts, and we started talking about doing a toy together. Brian and Mark said to make a small stack of buddies and we will see what happens. From that stack came Globby, who wasn’t chosen for Super 7. They said. We like the vampire. Which turned out to be Steven the Bat. Who is by the way NOT a vampire. He’s a fruit bat. Back to Globby…

I took my first trip to Japan in I think 1997. And there i experience Takoyaki for the first time, and saw this image everywhere that I had seen before in a few wind up toys. An octopuss with a really long nose snoot. I became obsessed with this nose snoot idea, and soon after was drawing these things i called Quintopuss almost everyday in the late 90’s. It was an octopuss with 5 tentacled limbs, and a really long nose snoot. I’ll see if I can find a pic somewhere. Anywhoo. years later I’m working on these characters to make a toy with Super7. Which became Globby.


Globby’s mommy was an octopuss, and his papa was an ice cream cone. As with all ice cream, Globby’s papa met his fate when his mama licked him gone in the mating ritual.



Why all this talk about Super 7 characters and Globby.

I was always drawing characters for toy companies to make. At the time when Super 7 was making Steven the bat. I was begging for S7 to have Kiyoka to sculpt Steven. Thru koji Harmon I had started exchanging mail with Gargamel, and fantasized about having Gargamel do a toy with me. so far it was not to be. And it was “too expensive” to have Kiyoka, of Gargamel to sculpt Steven the Bat. After meeting Gargamel in person they finally did agree to make a toy with me, but what. They passed on the super space sentai team I made up for them, although very different this eventually became the Sun of Brodarr. Gargamel passed on character after character. One day they showed ME, an image I had done, and said… we want to do this one. It was from a small group of drawing i had done for a Gallery 1988 show of my new friend Killer, who I had offered up to S7 or Gargamel. Go figure.

I think it goes like this. S7 makes the first Steven the Bat, then Gargamel makes Sleeping Killer, And then makes Globby, Super 7 makes new Monster Family Steven (Gargamel sculpt), and Gargamel makes Randall, and so on.


More on all this in my next bigger blogger post.