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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Just two days left! And the Space Travel set release this Friday

bwana spoons

Three bad brothers you know so well.

Or maybe you are just seeing this for the first time.

recently I was going thru some video for a project and it triggered a little itch in me.

Jeff, Lonny, and Drizz. These guys are the basis, or root of how the whole Suns of Brodarr world got started in my brain. I wanted Three Stooges from space with a mission that they could never accomplish. Wil E. Coyote never actually gets to eat the Road Runner, Tom never gets to eat Jerry, and the cycle of shinanigans continues into eternity.

All Jeff, Lonny, and Drizz want to do, is come to earth, and eat it’s melty core. They heard how delicious it was one night at a bar.


So this Space Traveler set is a back to roots release. Start your collection here, or build your beautifully wrong army with these guys. Sold both as a set and individually.