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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Machine Gun Ghost

bwana spoons

mgg web tommy.jpg

It’s a Machine Gun Ghost kinda Friday.

It’s another great marvelous two in one team up with Bwana Spoons and Paul Kaiju. this time it’s all about his new buddy Machine Gun Ghost. 

Firstsies, Bwana designed a psychodelic disco powered time based art print. That’s right, time based. The print run is open for just 48 hours. However many are pre-ordered in that time is exactly how many prints will be made. this will be an 8.5 x 11 Giclee, signed and numbered by Bwana. $24 each, limit is 5 per human.

mgg web01.jpg

Secondsies. Meet Tommy, our new bipedal SOB friend. this is a micro-run of 4, and it’s unlikely we will see anything other than a one off or two anytime in the future, so this is pretty much it. $50 each. Limit 1 per human.

Lastsies, but not leastsies, Bwana made 4 one-offs of Paul’s magnificently dorkongaluss Machine Gun Ghost standard sized vinyl. Sculpted by Paul, produced in Japan, painted by Bwana. 1 each per human. Price TBA

All released into the wild.

10am Pacific

mgg web02.jpg