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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

New Suns!

bwana spoons

newterry web02.jpg

DIY Sharter Friday 10am pacific. Friday June 28th. New Terry and Hooligan pre-order.

Launch of the New Suns

For some time now I have been scheming to shrink My Suns Of Brodarr guys. For a long while I couldn’t decide on how much. Make the Micro? But how Micro? Maybe that’s a whole other thing. What I really wanted and want is a whole series of figures that make the perfect travel companion. 

When I was in second grade A Star Wars Snaggletooth spent an entire year living in my pocket. So that’s the size I landed on, a fat Snaggletooth size. Now I can have a travel buddy big enough to engage with all the other action critters of the world, small enough that they can go anywhere.

Terry is a wizard that lives in a broken down castle. Assle Castle. He casts spells to time travel, which ALWAYS causes a new problem that he must fix by again traveling through time. Believe it or not he’s six parts. You probably haven’t seen his wand yet that he holds in his little hand. I haven’t either.

Private Hooligan, or is it just Hooligan now? Was doing time on some bullshit charges when he was recruited to fight in the Warpits*. He managed to escape and although he would be happy in living alone in the desert, or the darkness of the jungle floor, Hooligan now rents a room in Assle Castle. Unsuccessfuly attempting to have Terry NOT do any further time travel, screwing everything up.

*See BigBoy FunZone number 2 for the full story.

Approx 3.75” tall. Yeah.

Sofy vinyl made in Japan. Yeah!

These two little beasts launch the New Suns.

Both are sculpted by the mega talented Naoya Ikeda of Gargamel and Super 7 fame. YEAH!

Timeline. The sculpts are done, now it’s time to move into wax, then metal molds, and then we are in business. With the sculpts complete, I’m ready to move into DIY Kickstarter mode, and get a batch of pre-orders going for you. You have the opportunity to get the very first colors all for your own little mitts before half the world even knows this is happening.

These boogers will be made at the Shirahama factory. Although this is the first toy of mine being pulled here. We go way back. Mr Shirahama and I been buddies for over quarter a century. Having vinyl pulled here for the first time is just another fantastic treat for you and me. Anywhoo, this could be all in our hands in as little as 4 months (unlikely:), or take up to a year before we have all these in our collections and our pockets. Thanks for getting on the earlybird bus with me.

HAVEYOUSEENHIM hooligan web.jpg