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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

News load. Shipping and new and old stock.

bwana spoons

Hi peoples. I've had a busy couple of months... uh year here. Lots of work stacked up in the corners and crevisiii of life. It's time to get organized and straighten it all out.

October will be new beginnings. The birth of a new baby shop slash rebirth of what I have been doing for years. So it's time to get REALLY organized. More on this soon.

Shipping timeline and hold items:) I have a new shipping helper, so in addition to getting goodies out myself I have Dana helping me out now too. We are going to get this next batch out on tuesday. Normally these days if the load is not too crazy i try to get goods out a little faster, but I'll be using this time for some other bits til next tuesday.

Hold box and multiple orders on the site. Anytime you want to hold something til your next order, or if you want to go for something on the the site, but are bummed about paying double shipping, just go for it. 94% of the time I'll catch it, and if I don't. Just send me an email- and i will give you a shipping refund.

As I clean and organize around here in the studio I'll be posting some magic radical bits up in the shop.

And for the next while for a long while i think I will be doing regular Friday releases again! FUN.