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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Oh Jimmeny Crickets! Happy news.

bwana spoons

Oh my.

Super flipping doopular news this morning. The first small batch of Jungle Boogie Steven are made. This photo is from Japan, as I still don’t have these in hand.

The very first shot of Steven. He’s still not even in the wild yet.

This is the third Steven the Bat sculpt.

Steven the Bat was my very first toy.

Super7 and I got the very first batch of them out at SDCC back in 2005. Crazy to think that was only 12 years ago. Or on the flipside, holy sharts. I have officially been making toys now for 12 years.

That first sculpt took over 2 years to come out into the wild, lots of communication failure with our contact in China, but we worked it all out, and Steven was born. This first sculpt has some occasional standing issues. Too much fig moonshine.

The second Steven sculpt was part of Super7’s Monster Family series, and was sculpted by Gargamel, who I had been working with for quite a bit by the time that second steven came out. Smaller, cuter, and a good stander.

And now this Jungle Boogie Steven. I started sculpting this winter 2015-16 I think. In late fall I sent off the finished sculpt to Japan. I did everything but the fittings on this beast, so don’t expect the clean smooth lines of the Gargamel sculpted Steven. This is more like an ancient artifact found inside a temple cave under the forest floor.

I can’t wait to hold this new Steven in my hands.