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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Saturday Feb 20th 7pm BeachDog Killers!

bwana spoons

Beachdog Killer

This week I am releasing a herd of mixed parts Killers into the wild. Colors are tennisball, bleached neon orange, glow, neon pink, and a few have some forest fogblue legs here and there. 

This whole crew has been sunning themselves on the sands of Forest Island.

These Walking Killers also took part in a beach trash clean up. So each one is packed with some beach bits in traditional bag and header.

Release date. I am taking part in a national strike this Friday, so my shop will be closed Friday. 

I’ll be re-opening on Saturday, and these Beachdog Killers will go on sale Saturday Feb 20th at 7pm pacific. perfect time for a little evening fun here in the states, and some morning shopping for folks in most other lands.

A little FAQ

Friday strike.

This is just a another little FU to this escaped mental patient we have in charge of our country. For me this is easy. I work from home, and set my own hours. So I am in no way telling you what you should do.

I will be closing the webshop for the day, and not buying anything anywhere.

Beach cleanup. I love beachtrash, and sadly there is too much of it. So sometimes I like to visit the beach, and pick all the plastic bits off the sand. The stuff that is fun i save, make art with, or decorate my own landscape with. The stuff that I’m not interested in I put in the garbage, or recycle.

this beachday’s highlights included an old doggiebag with a turd in it (threw that out), something that I couldn’t tell if it was a tentacle of fishing lure (I think it escaped out of my bag), and a tiny buoy (I’ll hang this in my tree with the others).