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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Shops is getting ready for a load

bwana spoons


I have a shop drop scheduled for 10am pacific July 24th. There’s so many goodies though. I don’t think I can do everything at 10am, so I think I’ll do this in two waves. One in the morning, and one later in the evening. Anyone that orders from the first wave will have their shipping refunded if they end up doing multiple orders in the next couple days here.

And… I have a little treat shipping out with new orders while they last. Have you seen him? Terry Magnets. Just a little something awesome for my peeps. None will be for sales, just free with purchase type of thing.

And… bet you guys didn’t notice I was too lazy to change the prices on my prints, which means they are all still on sale. All that Silk screen business. So wednesday should be a pretty fantastic day:)