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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Skinner Mystery Figure is Unlocked

bwana spoons

Which one will we pick. Pre-order the mystery figure and pick the one we end up making and you'll have a chance of winning your very own skinner testshot!

Top left- thurburr half way in this world halfway in the other.. He stared at the sun for way too long and has to wear bug glasses now.. He can still pop a wheelie like a sonofabitch but he has the troubles landing it.


Top right- aquarion the tripped out freedom rider from the senses shattering blagnaxx system.. Some believe his loyalty to the gang could be due to the fact that he may be partially dog.. Like a sharpeii that sticks it's tongue out all the time.. Or maybe he just wants some acid?


Middle left- Aqualox- super grumpy dick, natural leader. Has a hard time breathing on earth but can swim like a fish frog in space. Always complaining. Can work on motorcycles well but hates them. Always wanted to be president of the antiquated realm of confusing jargon.


Middle right- poppa trippz- no one can understand a goddamn word he is talking about but is revered for his wisdom.. Too many space festivals but is a great body guard for intergalactic rock stars.. Does some dirty work but can justify it with a string of non sequitur hippie malarkey about the balance of the universe.


Bottom left- TEEN FUZZ- totally young and trying to earn his stripes through battles and cycle rides, this guy is eager to rip a hole in the space time continuum! Gets picked on but turns all that inward and lays little patches of angst ridden frustration. Can always be counted on which is I characteristic of a teen anything.


Bottom right- HAWT HED- totally insane from ripping wheelies and smashing bottles of cosmic brew! Also maybe because he has LAVA IN HIS HEAD! Yeah his head is a volcano and when he's riding high watch out be cause magma jam blasts like hell out of his nugget! Not a very fun gang member but they keep him around so they can watch lava blast out of his head. It's so cool!