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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Skulls 2016 exclusive!

bwana spoons

Skulls And Rainbows Society 2016 exclusive.

Firstsies. If your not a SARBS member, just don’t order this. I’ll be going thru all the orders, and refunding any rogue non Skulls orders.

Folks who aren’t in the club will have a chance to join in December, just stay on the look outs for news.

1 per member.

Five color sprays- gold, green, purple nurple, pink, and black on glow vinyl.

these are all hand cut and assembled by me, and the sample pictured here is “special” as he has two front left feets on his left side. Yours won’t:) 

this is a pre-order, max run would be 30 pieces but could be as low as 5 pieces. it all depends on you:)