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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Teenage Randall stock

bwana spoons

Slight mix up with the stock numbers. Somebody tried to order 6. Instead of being a total meanie and just refunding the whole order. I refunded them for 4. (only two allowed per family). But that doesn't automatically put the stock back in the shop. i did that manually... and tried to adjust for anybody that might be making an order at the moment I was putting them back in stock.

What I am saying is. after these sell out there maybe be an extra or two. if there is, then I will put them back in the shop. So if you see the sold out sign. Come back. There may be a few more going up.

Edit. Stock is now ON POINT:) So when it says sold out. It's really sold out. 3 left now as of 12:47pm.