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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

That happy feeling.

bwana spoons


Mighty Morphin Endorphins.

Last week was a rush, rush to get everything done (I didn’t), and then the rush I get from a project well done, peoples, and friends getting to check it out. I buzzed the whole bike ride home, wanting to get dinner with Martin, and not have the night end, but too Daffy Duck with his giant clam pearl. There were two Shogun Warriors and a bunch of tools in my basket that I didn’t want to leave at the shop. 

The next morning the rush continued getting ready for online sales. I’m finally winding down now, almost ready for my nap.

The first opening was great. It was exactly halfway between my fears and hopes and dreams. 

I thought I was going to either see 5 local toy nuts and no one else. Or a huge mob with all my old friends and everything sells out.

The five local toy gurus were there right away. Thank you so much Portland toy crew. Then a good chunk of locals rolled through and we had a good time. A great mix of humans. 

Thanks to everyone that came out. I’m really looking forward to our next monthly meetup.