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Portland, OR

Gravy Logs

Vintage :) Brandon U. One-Off Stevens Collection

bwana spoons


These beauties all from Brandon U’s personal collection. I haven’t seen these in quite some time. I think these are all before I used an airbrush. Some aspects which I love, and some rattlecan shinanigans. I used mostly Cel-vinyl for the hand/brush painted elements. I really loved that stuff, but Cartoon Color went out of business a few years ago, and I have been slowly upping my enamel Soft vinyl specific paint game. I’m nowhere near where I want to be with technique and the freedom I had with Cel-vinyl. On the flipside, with vinyl specific paint I don’t need to worry about it rubbing off, so I don’t need any clearcoat, and if I do use a clearcoat, these days I have one that works perfectly, unlike all the old stuff I was experimenting with resulpting in “evertacky” feel.

Here’s some more from Brandon U’s collection.

Here’s some more from Brandon U’s collection.

And now a bit of my conversation with Brandon. I’m not talking with myself, talking with with a collector with the same name as me:)

Me. That’s a pretty early one. Is that Numbered? (in ref. to one of the rainbow raindrop pieces)

Brandon U. He is numbered! Most of your early ones were. That one is number 47, I also have 45 from that run and I think one other (he’s under the bed). The “Trick” “Or” and “Treat” Stevens from a super7 Halloween event many many moons ago were not numbered, but if I remember right they fell into a logical number area and the numbering on the Steven’s kept going as if they had been numbered . At one time I (unofficially) had the largest number of custom Stevens in one place (I had 13 I think, of the 60ish you did)

Me. Oh wow. You were on it! I'll ask one of the other folks, but I think the numbering went on for even longer... maybe close to 100, but I could be getting these mixed up with Killers which went even higher than that. I wish I were better at record keeping. I always started it somewhere, and then would forget the place I started writing down what was what:)

Brandon. I’m thinking it went to the mid 60’s, I know I used to have (I might still have it) the last one and one the back it says see you later or something similar. I may still have my spread sheet on my laptop, haha. For a while I was very into tracking them and keeping tabs on who owned which ones and such. Steven was the thing that solidified my love for vinyl toys so the customs always held a very high place in my heart.

Me. Right now on this blogger. Thanks so much Brandon for sharing part of your Steven collection, and a little knowledge that was lost in my head.

If anyone else has more fun to add to this, please feel free to comment.