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Portland, OR

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Well this looks imPRESSive

bwana spoons

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Hey Los Angeles. Mark your calendork for some fun. Come see me October 20th.
I have my first solo show in quite a while coming up. Just a few weeks away.
Here's the hard parts.
Several Fantastic Ways to Enjoy the Pre-Apocalypse
Paintings, toys, and sculptures by Bwana Spoons
Opening Reception- Saturday October 20th 6-10pm
At- Faceguts 
4136 1/2 Verdugo Rd, Los Angeles California
This show runs for just shy of one week as all october Faceguts is hosting a new show every Saturday night. FUN!!!
What's this all about?
I had this kind of revelation not too long ago, that I sometimes wear the “Cone Of Indifference”. A sort of fog where none of the creepy weird shit that is going down in this world phases me. Just put my head down, paint my toys, watch some netflix, and eat a cookie.

I am making a conscious effort to occasionally remove the cone, and give a shit, at least a little bit. Maybe you never even put this cone on, your eyes are open, and you are taking daily actions or maybe you are just like me, decently informed and slightly numb.

For Several Fantastic Ways To Enjoy The Pre- Apocalypse, I’m going to explore the idea of the “Cone Of Indifference”. And include my "normal" array of rainbow powered toys, paintings, and sculptures.

There is will be a new stack of prints., and if we are lucky, a run of tenugui (japanese towel/hanky) depicting our moon as it leaves this Earth.