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Portland, OR

Returning members Skulls And Rain Bones Society 2019 package


Returning members Skulls And Rain Bones Society 2019 package

killer 2019 pinweb.jpg
killer 2019 pinweb.jpg
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Returning members Skulls And Rain Bones Society 2019 package


Returning members, this means that you are currently a 2018 member or have been a Society member in the past.

The 2019 Skulls And Rain Bones Society membership package.

You gets-

1 resin Jelly Factory New Puppy Killer. Each one is a little different.

1 Exclusive Skulls colors New Puppy Killer enamel pin.

Occasional newsletters 1-2 every month with first news, occasional deals and offers like discounts on the Gravy site, or first crack at toys after a convention, first pics of new sculpts… fun stuffs.

The option to purchase a Skulls exclusive New puppy Killer when it becomes Soft vinyl in 2019.

The resin Jelly Factory Killer. This is mainly what you are picking up. This is the only run in resin, each one is a bit different. Different colors and or glitter packs or marbly swirls. Each one is unique, and you are picking one of these up because you love killer, and things done “the Bwana way” which can include such fantastic things such as air bubbles, and blems here and there. It’s new folk art y’all:)

I’m working on the New Puppy Killers now, and you can see updated pics up on instagram and sometimes right here on

Packages should go out sometime February, after the pins are back from the factory, and I have poured all the resin that I can pour.

The total amount of people that can play in this years Skulls And Rain Bones Society is 66. I don’t think I can get more than that out of the silicone mold. So that will be the cap on members this year.

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